Meatless Monday: Autumn Stuffed Acorn Squash

It’s funny how things happen.  I say that for two reasons.  First, I plan my menus for two weeks out, so that I go shopping on paydays and can just pick up little things on off weekends. So, I knew I’d be eating this two weeks prior.  Two weeks ago, it was 90 degrees.  Today, its rainy, 45 degrees, and I have our first fire of the season in my fireplace because I REFUSE to turn on the heat. So, an autumn meal should be in the works.

Second, I got one of those phone calls yesterday, that makes you stop and think.  My mom called me to let me know that my sister, and best friend, was in the hospital.  Her first news was that the doctor’s were doing tests, but that they didn’t know what was wrong with her.  Now, before everyone gets all worried, she was fine.  Just a bad stomach bug…I blame that pesky cantaloupe.  But, it did make me think, what would I do if she wasn’t around?  

People are in our lives for such a finite amount of time.  They can enter quickly, and leave just the same.  The call made me think about our daily phone calls, basement musicals, late night talks when all I wanted to do was go to bed, wedding planning, and so much more.  Its hard to imagine what life would be like without the most important people; the ones that make us who we are, that make us laugh and cry, happy and sad.  But, I guess that it is moments like that phone call, that make us come to that realization, for however fleeting it may be.  

I know that she will read this, so I just want to say, Callie, I love you 🙂  Your my best friend, and I am so happy to have you in my life.  Thanks for all of the times we’ve laughed together, danced together, sang together, and acted like morons in the name of having a good time.  I pray we have many more memories yet to come, and that they are equally as fabulous as those we’ve already shared.

You may be wondering what all this sisterly love has to do with Autumn Stuffed Squash.  Well, I’ll tell you, you lucky dog, you!  My sister has two favorite things.  At least, she did when she was 13.  She may have moved on to something else, but I’m stuck thinking that these are her favorites for eternity.  Her boyfriend will always love Oreos, even if he actually hates them.  I can’t imagine that he does, but I digress…

Her two favorite things are Squash and Goat Cheese.  And guess what!  This has them both!  WOAH!

I won’t bore you any longer with my rants and raves.  Here’s the recipe:

Autumn Stuffed Acorn Squash

Adapted from Kath Eats Real Food

Serves 2

1 Acorn Squash

1 C Wild Rice, prepared (if you don’t have Wild Rice, you should go get some.  Ok, fine, Brown Rice will work too)

1/2 C Chopped Walnuts

1/2 C Dried Cranberries

Pinch of Salt

Dash of Cinnamon

Pinch of Nutmeg

GOAT CHEESE, Yum! Crumbled, of course.


Preheat your oven to 375.

Slice your Squash in half, and scoop out the seeds.  

Put the acorn squash flat side down in 1/2 inch of water.  (This would be really good if you drizzled some olive oil on and sprinkled salt, put them flat side down, and roasted for 30-40 minutes, or until soft.  BUT in the name of cutting calories, and fat, we’ll do it this way.) Bake for 30-40 minutes, or until squash is soft.

Hidden Mickey!!

Mix your prepared rice, with the walnuts, cranberries, and spices.  When squash is done, fill the cups with the rice mixture, and top with crumbled goat cheese.


Have a good Meatless Monday recipe? Please send me an email.  You can find my address at my contacts page!  Thanks!



10 responses

  1. First off, I love the name of your blog. Secondly, having just lost my sister in April I can tell you to cherish yours while you have each other. Third, I will definitely try this recipe. All the ingredients are some of my favs. Keep up the great work.

  2. Funny, I just opened a cookbook to a recipe that looks like this one and was thinking I should make it. I must have been meant to see your page and your lovely blog today. I’m so glad your sister turned out not to have something serious. I’ve heard some ugly stuff going around about cantaloupes lately (whew, I had to look up the spelling for cantaloupe, stressed me out for a minute there!)

  3. As a Registered Dietitian, I am always saying to patients PLAN AHEAD!
    You save calories when there are no fast, random choices, save time and what’s on sale. GREAT GOING KARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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